Insightful reports for your talent acquisition strategy

Find the winning formula for hiring top talent

The longer your hiring process takes, the more risk there is that top candidates will end up working for your competitors. Hirelytics gives you the reports you need to optimize your hiring process and acquire the most sought after candidates first.

Metrics for every part of the company

Hirelytics calculates the KPIs and metrics you care about for every business, division, team, and individual within your organization. It’s easier to meet your commitments when you have this level of visibility.

Focus your talent where they’re needed

Identifying top performers means you can put your best people on the biggest hiring challenges. View performance details on everyone involved in your hiring process so you can see who’s setting the bar and which recruiters are best at sourcing specific types of roles.

Stay laser-focused

An up-to-date view of where candidates are in your hiring process is imperative for following through on your hiring commitments. Hirelytics shows you how close you are to filling open positions so you know which requisitions need attention.

Roll-up reports for your executive team

  • Segment by executive ownership
  • Easily distribute or include in presentations
  • Choose the KPIs your leadership cares about most

Easy to implement

  • No need to adjust your recruiting process
  • No modifications to Taleo required
  • Smooth, interruption-free onboarding process

Hiring Team Experience

It can be cumbersome for a recruiter to access all of the information they need in Taleo, and hiring managers just want to know the basics about their requisitions and applicants. Hirelytics’ Hiring Team Experience gives everyone the tools and information needed to effectively hire talent.

Each role on the hiring team needs different information to perform their job, which is why Hirelytics provides dashboards tailored to every member of the hiring team. No customization required.

Manage and report on diversity

Diversity trends and breakdowns are critical for ensuring a fair and compliant recruiting process. Hirelytics shows you candidate pool diversity at every level of your organization, while protecting candidate anonymity.

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